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You Have Data Files - Saada Makes your Database

Saada transforms a set of heterogeneous FITS files or VOtables of various categories (images, tables, spectra....) in a powerful database deployed on the Web. Databases are located on your host and stay independent of any external server. This job doesn’t require to write code.

Saada can mix data of various categories in multiple collections. Data collections can be linked each to others making relevant browsing paths and allowing data-mining oriented queries (see the video)

Saada supports 4 VO services (Spectra, images, sources and TAP) . Data collections can be published immediately after the deployment of the Web interface.

NEWS June 2016 :
- Saada 1.9.build1 New Web Interface.
- Online documentation upgraded

NEWS March 2015 :
- Saada 1.8.0 build9 Can load file by URL.

NEWS September 2014 :
- Saada 2.0 supports arithmetic expressions to compute ObsCore fields (still on test)
- More about Saada on astroPH

NEWS May 2014 Saada 2.0 on the rail :
- Saada 2.0 is on test
- A new Inner data model based on ObsCore with space/energy/time data for all data categories
- A better VO implementation
- A new Web site (still under construction)

NEWS March 2014 Saada 1.8.0.build2 : :

- Spooler for the database connection makes the Ajax Web pages more responsive.
- Healpix indexation to be compliant with VO standards such as MOC or HIPS. This evolution targets the search by region available on the next release.
- WEb deployment tasks safer by using the Tomcat build-in functions.
- External libraries merged within one unique jar. That dramatically simplifies the classpath and that makes applications starting faster.

September 2013 Saada 1.7.0.build6 : :

- Important fix Saada databases can be installed with Java 1.7
- VO Publishing Helper : Setup locally your VO resources before to publish them in the VO.

- Saada is frequently rebuilt and pushed online.

- Build SQL tables from your data file without writing any SQL code line.
- Give your data a powerful web interface to browse, select or export it.
- Publish your data collections to the VO
- Link your data together and enjoy data ming oriented queries