VO Use Cases and Examples

This service (beta) aims at providing both users and cients with examples or snipets illustrating different VO protocols and languages regardless of any specific service or implementation. It can return either Web pages (human readable) or text fragments (machine readable).

The data hierarchy has three levels: Protocol>Use Case>fragment. Each node is identified by an URL-compliant name (needs no encoding)

- Protocol Container of all data related to one protocol or langage
- Use Case Root of a specific use case.
- Fragment Text or code fragment corresponding to one section of the example. There are 4 supported fragments: title, description, query and usage.

There are three different services accessing data:

- show Return the pointed resources formatted in a Web page
- vosi Return the pointed resources in a simple Web page compliant with the VOSI example specification
- search Return the resources matching a keyword in a formatted Web page. (not implemented yet)

URLs are built with the following template:


Urls pointing on more than one use case or fragment return a clickable list of the matching resources.

Play with the VO-DML/Votable mapping parser developed by T. Donaldson (MAST): connect