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HOME ART > Tutorial > Doing More > Create a SaadaDB
User Account Setup

 Saada Operator : Saada can be run by any Linux or Windows user. This user is named e.g. operator in this tutorial.

 Disk space : The SaadaDB installation requires two different directories. We strongly advice to separate these directories each to other and also to separate them from the Saada installation directory.

- Saada directory ( If there is no need of database server (SQLIte) skip this point) : This directory is just used to create the SaadaDB. At some step, Saada checks the DB connection. That implies the database server to read a file in SAADA_HOME/tmp. This directory must then be readable for the user running this server (postgres usually) (see here or here).

- Saadadbs directory : This directory will receive all Java stuff and other computer resources of the SaadaDB. Everything is installed in a subdirectory with the same name as the SaadaDB itself. The operator user must be authorized to read and to write in this directory. The volume required for this directory is lower than 50Mb.

- Repository directory : This directory is used by the download facility of the SaadaDB. It can hosts a copy of all loaded data files. It is also used as tmp and logs directories for the SaadaDB. The operator user must be authorized to read and to write in this directory. Both Tomcat and database (not relevant with SQLite) server must have a read access to this directory.

 Access Rights are summarized in the table below.

Access rights
Directories : Saada directory Saadadbs directory repository Tomcat WebApp
Database server - R R -
Saada admin RW RW RW RW
Tomcat - - R R

Special Windows : On XPSP2/Vista, setting a directory as readable is not sufficient. The directory must be shared. Some help can be found here.

last update 2011-05-23