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HOME ART > Tutorial > Doing More > DB Populating
Running the Admin Tool

Starting with the graphical administration tool

 Start the Admin Tool

  • Go in SAADA_DB_HOME/bin and run admintool
  • The admin tools ask first for the database admin password if there is one. The main window is splitted in 2 parts. The left one is a data tree showing the database content and the right one contain the current command panel.
  • The title banner shows the current data tree path which is set by clicking on a data tree node.
  • By default, any command issued from a command panel is applied to the current data node.
  • The back (left arrow) button do not re-open, the previous panel but a programmatically fixed panel.

  • All messages printed out can be retrieved from the Database Installation panel, button Open Applicaton Logs (see article).
  • Each command panel has 3 buttons on the bottom. from left to right :
    • Run the command
    • Switch on/off the debug mode
    • Download an Ant task file doing the same command
  • Below the data tree are 2 buttons
    • Reload Cache reload the meta data. That can be used for instance to monitor external scripts modifying the database content.
    • Deploy Web Application on the Tomcat server. This must be done each time the datat ree has been modified. There is however a smoother way to do this, see this article.
last update 2016-06-14