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Running Saada on Vista

>> Postgres Installation

  • Tested with /binary/v8.3.3/win32/
  • The install process is not interrupted by Vista Security dialogs. If a failure dialog gets open, look first if there is no Vista Security popup iconified in the tool bar. If there is one, open it, agree and resume the installation.
  • Not empty passwords are required for all roles.
  • Postgres is run as a service. That requires the installer to create a special account (postgres usually).


  • Tested with the Windows Service Installer of Tomcat 6.0.
  • Do not install Tomcat in c :\Programs because you need to have permission to write in the Tomcat install dir. Vista refuses to authorize a running software to write in c :\Programs. Install tomcat in your home directory, so that Saada can deploy its Web interface.

 Saada install.

  • Install Saada in your home directory to limit Vista Security problems.
  • Make the repository directory readable by the user running postgres (postgres usually).
  • Make your home subdirectory C :… AppData/Local/Temp readable by the user running postgres (postgres usually). See the advanced security tabin the folder properties (more).
last update 2008-06-27