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HOME ART > Tutorial > Doing More > DB Populating
Loading Data in Default Mode

 You can load data in your SaadaDB without giving any parameter. You just have to give the category of the product and the collection where it must be stored.

  • In default mode products are classified in CLASSIFIER mode (see article 58). Class names are genarated by Saada (and also are a bit cryptic)
  • The first extension matching the product category is always taken.
    • The first image extension for IMAGES products.
    • The first table extension for TABLE products.
    • The first table extension or the first image if there is no table for SPECTRUM products.
    • Only the 1st HDU (or the PARAM set for VOTables) for MISC products.
  • All mappings (spectral range, positions...) are set in automatic mode. In other words, Saada will attemps to fand out these parameters in product files. If t fails, no mapping is done.

 Right click on the category node and select Load Data Dataloader Dialog

  • Do not tick the Use a cutomized configuration check box. It is used to invoke user loader parameters (see next articles)
  • Select a repository strategy :
    • Copy Input File into the Repository : This mode (set by default) copies all loaded files into the repository. The repository is used to feed the download facility. In this mode, input files are not modified and the download facility is properly set, but files are duplicated.
    • Move Input File into the Repository : All loaded files are moved into the repository. In this mode, the download facility is properly set and input files are removed. Good mode to save disk room.
    • Use Input Files as Repository : The download facility stores the orginal path of input files to retreive them. This mode saves copy time but it assumes that input files will not be moved or that the download facility can fail.
  • Data Directory opens a dialog selecting the files to load. Note that wanted files must be selected selected in the right combobox. Selecting just a directory does not mean that all its content will be loaded. The file selector supports multiple selections with [ctrl] clicks. Product File Selector
last update 2011-06-01