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HOME ART > Tutorial > Doing More > DB Populating
Managing indexes

>>By default, Saada removes all indexes in the data collection it is going to populate. Once data are loaded, all columns at both collection and class levels are indexed again. Building systematic indexes speed up the query engine for any query but this strategy has also 3 drawbacks
- Indexes take disk space in the database volume
- Building indexes can take a lot of time on large table ( minute/column).
- When a collection is populated by bunches, indexes are removed and built again for each bunch.

To avoid that, the dataloader can be configured to not build indexes.
- Command line : option -noindex.
- From the admin tool, open the popup men by right clicking on a class node or on a collection node :

Menu item opening the index manager window.

A window listing all columns of the table opens :

Index managment window

Select the table columns you want to index, select the operation you want to do and click Apply.

Notice that Saada only accepts to index table with more than 1000 rows. Index on the column oidsaada (primary keys) can not be removed.

last update 2011-06-01