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HOME ART > Tutorial > The Web Interface
Starting the Web Interface

To deploy the Web interface, there is nothing else to do than clicking on the Deploy Web Interface button on the admin tool.

 The Saada Web interface is a Rich Internet Application. In other words, it is a single page whose content is modified by user actions.

  • The url of the web interface is like
    • server : Name of the server or localhost for a local deployement
    • port : Port used by the server. Usually 8080 for Tomcat. Do not need to be specified if equals to 80
    • SaadaDBName : Name of the SaadaDB
  • Once the page is loaded, don’t use neither Reload nor Back browser buttons.

 Browsing Data

  • Expend the Data Tree
  • Click on some data node

    • Clicking on collection node (M33_ENTRY e.g.) just displays the data computed by Saada

 Using the data tree

  • Clicking on an info button pops up a panel with the meta data of the current node
  • Clicking on the node name displays data

 Understanding Icons

  • Detail of the current record
  • Table rows (TABLE only)
  • Input datafile info.
  • Input datafile download
  • Add/remove the current record to the shopping cart
  • Send the data selection to SAMP clients
  • Column selector
  • Open AladinLite on the position of the current object
  • Open a Simbad popup
  • Header of the source table (ENTRY only)
last update 2016-06-13