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Using SAMP

Keep your WEB page connected with VO clients with SAMP. Any selected data can be sent at any time to the appropriate VO client (Aladin, Topcat, VOSpec...) thanks to the SAMP connector

 Connecting a SAMP hub.

  • The status of SAMP connection is reported by the antenna of the page banner.
  • This button toggles the connection : close it if open, open it if closed
  • The lack of connection is represented by
  • The established connection is represented by
  • To establish a connection, just click on the antenna.
    • If a Hub is already running, you will be warn by a security message. The message content depends on you local setup (french here), but accept in any cases.

 Sending data to a SAMP client

  • Click on to send the data selection to SAMP clients. Buttons are located in any places where using SAMP makes sense
  • When you are to send data, you are prompted about the recipeint.
  • Click on one option and look at the result. The image below shows the sources of a simple database (from the Getting Started page) overlaying an Aladin image
last update 2016-06-09