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Populate the SaadaDB

Were are now going to load one catalog in our SaadaDB. The data table is taken from the XMM-Newton survey of the Local Group galaxy M 33 (Pietch at al. Astron. Astrophys. 426, 11 (2004)).

 Start the SaadaDB administration tool
- Go in the SaadaDB bin directory.
- Run the administration tool.

% cd  myFirstStepWithSaada/saadadbs/MySaadaDB/bin
% ./admintool

The administration window opens. We are now to use basic features.

 Create a data collection

  • Click on the "Create Collection" button
  • Give M33 as name
  • Run the command.
    • You can see that the collection contains actually 6 sub-nodes. They are containers each one dedicated to one data category (read more)

 Load a FITS table

  • Download the FITS table and save it.
    Zip - 60.3 ko
  • Select the TABLE data node.
  • Click on Load Data, the data loader window opens .
  • Open the file browser
  • Select the M33.fits file.
  • Run the command.
    • 2 data nodes have been filled up : one for the table header and one for the table rows.
    • Double click on a node to see its content
    • Each sub collection contains 2 nodes, one with the data extracted from the file and another with data computed by Saada (collection level data)

 Deploy the WEB interface

  • Click on
  • Open a browser on http://localhost:8080/SaadaDBName where SaadaDBName is the DB name given at creation time.
  • Go here for a guided tour of the WEB interface.
last update 2016-06-13