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Last Build

download1.9.latest Use preferentially this version.

 Saada1.9 has been released in June 2016

  • build12 (16/01/2020)
    - (16/04/2021) Minor fixes
  • latest (16/01/2020)
    - (16/01/2020) Order-by column filter fixed ; loading data from the oldest to the newest.
    - (13/01/2020) Display by desc oidsaada (newest on the top
  • Build11 (7/01/2020]
    - Column label width fixed on the web interface
  • Build10 (18/10/2019]
    - MariaDB support in addition to legacy MySQL
  • Build9 (02/07/2018]
    - Ignore parameters not set in ant commands
    - Renaming of extended attributes fixed
  • Build8 (01/12/2017]
    - Query with both position and relationships fixed
    - Obscore region fixed
  • Build7 (26/06/2017]
    - CLOB support
    - Obscore region fixed
  • Build6 (29/11/2016]
    - Column filtering fixed for entries
  • Build5 (24/10/2016]
    - Column filtering pushed on client side
  • Build4 (22/9/2016)
    - OrderBy command in the web page fixed
    - TAP async works with sessionless clients (ignoring cookies)
    - Repository storage improved
  • Build3 (14/9/2016)
    - File copy in the repository fixed
    - SQLite locked on file removing
    - Delegate button
  • Build1 (6/6/2016)
    - Redesign of the Web interface
    - Online documentation upgrade

 Saada1.8 is frequently re-built since 2013

  • Build15b (22/11/2015)
    - Boolean support in SaadaQL (fix)
  • Build14 (4/11/2015)
    - Minor fixes on VOTABLE ingestion
  • Build13 (2/06/2015)
    - Web app supports temporary db server shutdown
  • Build11 (20/04/2015)
    - SQLIte spooler failure could failed when Tomcat reloas the Web APP.
  • Build10 (15/04/2015)
    - Some issues with SQLITE fixed
  • Build9 (25/03/2015)
    - List of ignored attribute supports a negation mark (! at the firts place)
    - Web : latest data are displayed first
  • Build7 (25/11/2014)
    - Load file by URLs (script mode only)
  • Build6 (7/11/2014)
    - Path corrected in ant files generated by the admintool
  • Build5 (3/09/2014)
    - Spooler deadlock fix in TAP deployement with SQLIte
  • Build4 (3/07/2014)
    - Spooler deadlock fix in ADQL queries
  • Build3 (3/06/2014)
    - TAP deployement fix
  • Build2 (27/04/2014)
    - Use a a DB connection spooler (hidden)
    - Use of the healpix indexation. You need to upgrade your former data base ;
    cd $SAADA_DB_HOME/bin
    ./sant database.upgrade
  • Possibility of using the Tomcat deploy facility to make this operation safer. First create a Tomcat user for the manager role ( see Tomcat doc) and then :
    cd $SAADA_DB_HOME/bin
    ./sant tomcat.[un] -Durl=http://localhost:8080/manager -Dusername=name -Dpassword=passwd
    This command only works when Tomcat is running.
  • Most of the external librarieshave been packed in BigSaadaJar.jar, making the classpath quite more simple an the application starter faster

 Saada1.7.0. non longer developped(download)

- Build9 (18/12/2013)

  • Possibility of adding extended attributes after he DB has been created
  • Optimisation of the relationship indexing with MySQL
  • BETWEEN operator on strings (Web interface)
  • Improvement of the behavior of the filter manager (Web interface)

- Build8 (18/11/2013)

  • The dataloader could not take ALPHA,DELTA as keywords for position becasue ’ALPHA DELTA’ is the name of an existing object

- Build7 (14/11/2013)

  • Support of MySQL and SQLIte for Windows 7 and later, 64 bits
  • VO S*AP service interfaces fixed on the Web oage

- Build6 (21/09/2013)

  • Major upgrades of the admintool

- Build5 (31/07/2013)

  • Upgrade of the Samp interface
  • Support to load tables without entries

- Build4 (25/07/2013)

  • New administration tool
  • Indexing fixes for MySQL
  • Sort by colmun in the Web interface

- Compilation problem with Java 1.7 fixed

- New Administration Interface

  • New Look and Feel
  • ObsCore mapper
  • VO resource editor

Go in SAADADB_HOME/bin and run./admintool

- Web interface :

  • Restricted access for the download facility
  • Data node content can be displayed by double clicking on a node .
  • A dialog box prevent you to close the Web application by error.
  • New shopping cart management : Items can be removed from the cart just by clicking a second time on their cart icon.
  • Cart delegation service : The shopping cart description can be sent to a peer service which can then download it and do its job with the data. Read web/userscipts/local.js to learn more.
  • Use of the Web profile Samp connector instead od the Java applet connector.

- Upgrade Tool : This Saada distribution comes with an upgrade helper. Install the new distrib, go in SAADA_HOME/bin and run./upgrade

last update 2021-04-15