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Starting the Web Interface(2016-06-13)

To deploy the Web interface, there is nothing else to do than clicking on the Deploy Web Interface button on the admin tool.

Using the Query Editor(2016-06-09)

The graphical query editor offers a simple way to use all of the SaadaQL features. Queries can contain as much constraints as needed. Query strings can be directly refined by hand.

Using SAMP(2016-06-09)

Keep your WEB page connected with VO clients with SAMP. Any selected data can be sent at any time to the appropriate VO client (Aladin, Topcat, VOSpec...) thanks to the SAMP connector

Using the Shopping Cart(2016-06-13)

Any data selection can be stored in a shopping cart downloadable in a ZIP archive.

A Special Implementation of AladinLite(2016-06-13)

Saada runs an extended version of Aladin Lite facilitating the connection with remote data sources.

Using S*AP query(2016-06-09)

S*AP is a generic name for simple access VO protocols. Saada supports SIAP, SSAP and CS. These services are usually invoked by remote clients but they can also be used from the WEB page for validations e.g.

Managing the Web Interface(2016-06-13)

This section contains some tips to manage the Web interface. Please refer to the Apache doc before to do any complex setup.